I’ve been quiet for a few months.



I started to realise that I was being seen as more important than the messages I was trying to get over. I had messages from people around the world who were more interested in the messenger than the message. That’s not what I’m about.

So I stopped, until I was happy that people reading this would take notice of the messages, and pay less attention to me.

And that got me thinking. Too many people in the Spiritualist Community don’t want to understand the basics. It’s not about how you get messages. It’s not even about messages at all.

It’s about life.

OK, so it’s a given that life is eternal, and cannot be destroyed.

So why bother.

We can’t get rid of life. We are destined to exist whatever we do and however we live it. As I see it, it doesn’t matter. So that’s precisely why it’s so important.

Let me explain.

You can get so wrapped up in yourself that nothing else matters. It’s easy to do that, and we’ve all done it at some point. Looking inward is second nature. Placing importance on material things is all too easy in a material world where the ownership of physical objects and services are seen as status.

My point is, that you show yourself to be of more value if you can happily exist without these superficial trappings. After all, it’s only recently that these consumer items have been available. Mankind has been around for millenia, consumer goods have only been available for a few decades.

Less is more, particularly to the world of Spirit.

Less distraction, more honesty. Don’t do things because they are the things that you think that you should be doing. Do things because you know them to be right.

Believe in the message, don’t worship the messenger.

Don’t try to be too “Spiritual” while you’re on the Earth Plane. You’ve been given this life on Earth to make a difference. So make that difference by showing how connected you are to other Humans. In this way you will grow Spiritually. It’s Natural Law. It should come naturally to us.

Until the next time.



Hello there,

I thought it might be appropriate, given the date, to look at things which we all take for granted from time to time. Just how Human, or Spiritual, are our emotions. And what is this thing called “Love” that we all talk about.

Well if we take extreme, Humanist, points of view then all our emotions are just a by-product of the chemical reactions that every Human has happening inside them. Indeed, Human life would be impossible without these reactions. But are they anything to do with our emotions ?

Let’s look at the work of B. F. ( Burrhus Fredric – I think if I changed my name by deed poll, I might be a Burrhus. There are a lot of Kevin’s about.) Skinner. It was his theory that there was no such thing as emotions, and what we interpret as emotions are mere reactions to outside influences. He did many experiments on Mammals, mainly rats, and in doing so also provided the name for one of my favourite Folk Bands.

(Don’t be afraid to Google “Skinners Rats”. Also Google ” John Ward”  the Singer / Songwriter, not Johnnie Ward, the blues man – I know that some Americans read my blog).

I can’t accept this theory. how can it explain all of the varying emotions that we all experience. I have to say that I have a lot of time for Humanists. They are right in that we all have one life, but I know that life is eternal, and not just Earthly. But I do agree with them that you should make a difference and treat everyone with respect.

Anyway, back to the business at hand. If emotion isn’t just the result of Biochemical reactions, then what is it?

If it’s not an internal thing, then what about outside influences. Are emotions given to us by Spirit?  Well, that can’t be right either. If you accept that we are all responsible for our own actions, then it logically follows that we have free will to make those actions. If those actions are just governed by emotions that are given to us, then we have no free will. So emotions, and the love that our knowledge is based upon have to be within our control.

So, I believe that the answer lies between these two stances. I feel that some emotional stimulus comes from within, and some without. It’s true that no two people will react to the same situation in the same way. We are all individuals, with unique relationships, and the relationship we have with Spirit is unique.

So, where do our emotions come from?

It doesn’t matter. Just enjoy them. They make you unique, so celebrate the fact that you can love unconditionally. More importantly, make sure that you do.

The more Love there is in the world, the better for all of us.

Love your heart out.

Don’t be afraid of your emotions.

Become more Spiritual by being a better Human.

Until the next time.

Think things over for yourself, and don’t let any Human tell you that you’re wrong.


Hello again.

Many things cause me some degree of concern, and sometimes amusement, when sitting in groups, Churches, Circles etc., and I suppose I wouldn’t be Human if it were otherwise. Please let me expand my concerns on one area.


Now, many of you who are regulars to my musings will be all too aware of my secular approach, and will be aware that I do accept the concept of God dwelling within us, but I don’t see how a perfect and ideal entity such as God needs any degree of worship, just acceptance and acknowledgement. As I have said on numerous occasions, I do – and with all of my heart. So I don’t worship. But equally, I don’t have any problem with others who see worship of God as being the core of what they do. We all have free will and are responsible for ourselves.


And it’s a big “but”.

Why do we shift our worship from God to Man in the way some of us appear to worship some mediums. It’s something I don’t understand, and cannot accept, but it happens all too often.

The most obvious form of this is the way some people react to “Media Mediums”. People hang on their every word, and place them on pedestals. They follow them when they are on tour, and buy the various consumer items from the foyer shop after the show, where everything from “Motivation Cards” to their latest CD’s and DVD’s are relentlessly pedaled. And they are ruthlessly marketed, in addition to the usually high ticket price. Poor Media mediums are as rare as hens teeth. And don’t get me started on over priced “retreats” and “educational awards” that some of these people market. The story of The Christ casting the traders out of the Temple comes to mind. And I’m not a Christian, but even I know it’s a “sharp practice”.

But it doesn’t end there. Facebook is full of “mediums” asking brazenly for votes to “prove” that they are the best medium, or better than others. How shallow are these people? Do they lack basic understanding ? Do they really think that Spirit has genuinely given them a gift so that they can be in any way better than others. or do they indeed have the gifts that they would have you believe. If they really think that being a medium is about making yourself better in any way than others, then they have learned nothing. Spirit contact, in its various forms, is about humility and simplicity. Nothing about being popular. Mediums do not need, nor should have, a personal following. It’s a distraction, and a complication to get in the way of the required simplicity.

Even at “Grass Roots” there are problems. When it comes to Church and Meeting attendance it’s been apparent to me for a while that attendances vary if a “popular” or “unpopular” medium is speaking. Surely it’s about the whole package, including any Philosophy and inspirational readings, not just the messages you might get. If you don’t embrace the philosophy, then any messages don’t have the full impact. Quite aside from the fact that Spiritualism is a 24 / 7 thing, not just turning up once or twice a week in the hope that the medium will give you a fairly vague message. I’ve stated many times that at least half of the members at Spiritualist meetings and Churches have no interest in Spiritualism, only the messages that they think they might get. Now, I’m not condemning them in any way. Contact is a valid part of any Spiritualist meeting, in any form. But, unless you embrace all of the “ism”, then you should not be described as a Spiritualist. And if you’re only going to listen to certain mediums, then likewise. But there is something that is even more sinister, and that is how some mediums, and indeed Churches, seem to actually cultivate the idea that some mediums are worthy of worship.Some “names” seem to be pushed and publicised far more actively than others, and some of these mediums seem to revel in this. I can’t see how this is right, or even Spiritualist.

My understanding is that it’s the word from Spirit, in its varied forms, that is important, not the collection of flesh and bones that is the messenger.

I think that we all need to remind ourselves of that.

As always, please think about it, and make your own mind up.

Until next time, Love and Light.


Hello again.

I hear this all too often, and read it too. And it shows some basic flaws when someone says it.

Let me explain. As always, house rules are that you should think about everything, and make your mind up. Principle 5.

If you have an interest, knowledge, intuition, whatever you want to call it, in the Spirit World, then there are some basics that need to be accepted. Mainly because the belief doesn’t make any sense at all if you don’t, but also because it’s logical and Natural Law demands it.

Thinking in any depth about the statement should show the flaws in sharp contrast. Let me give you some points to think about.

Any belief in Spirit has to come by  experience. if you have not experienced the way Spirit works, then you have no basis at all to know or believe in it. And I’m not taking about “Media Mediums”, or going to pub “Psychic nights”. They are really for entertainment only, and if any contact is made ( it usually isn’t), then it’s a very light touch and can only give general details which mean something to everyone gathered there.

Going to a Church, or speaking to someone who is a Medium ( a genuine one, not a Psychic) should give you more of an experience, but it’s still too general.

Private Circles, and private sittings with genuine Mediums will give you a genuinely personal experience. But there’s other ways. Let me give a bit of Philosophy.

Nature is huge. It involves everything. It’s so huge that it’s impossible to know everything, and Human science accepts that there are huge holes in our understanding of  Nature. Incidentally, it is said that the last person to know everything that there was to know was Aristotle, and some believe he was very spiritually aware.

It’s my perception that far from being ” Supernatural”, the world of Spirit is actually part of Nature. It’s a part of Nature that Man does not fully understand yet, but people are coming to understand that is exactly what it is. We are such people.

If you accept this, then the world of Spirit is not ” another place” at all, but very much part of our Nature. The evidence that Natural law applies to us and Spirit seems to bear this out.

So here’s the biggie. If you have come to the logical conclusion that Human Nature and Spirit Nature are areas of the same thing then, logically, the Spirits of those Humans that have passed are not ” dead” at all, but very much alive.

When I work as a Medium, the people I talk to are very much alive. And I’d argue that they are more alive than I am.

It follows that the mediums and psychics who state that they talk to dead people have no basic understanding. Therefore they cannot be Mediums, as Mediums have the understanding that they have learned from Spirit, and Spirit means life, not death. You cannot die. You are energy. Energy can change, as it does when you pass to Spirit. but it cannot be destroyed, so death is a lie.This knowledge can only come from Spirit, and Humans cannot teach this to you.

Even science cannot account for the 21 grammes*. But as those who know Spirit can logically explain it. the sad thing is that far too many people refuse to accept it.

Friends. Please share your knowledge.

Go out and defeat some of the lies by logical argument. Natural law demands it.

Until the next time, Love and Light.


* 21 grammes is the difference between a human at the point of physical death, and immediately after it. It is accepted by some to be the weight of the Human Soul. You should make your own mind up.

And do you know the difference…………………….If not, then you’re not alone.

Hello again.

The last few weeks have been testing for me and my Family, as we had a bereavement to deal with over the holiday period. Those who say that spiritualists don’t grieve are way off the mark.

Anyway, I thought I’d cover something that seems to create a lot of confusion within the rank and file, and really needs to be clearer than it appears to be at the moment.

It’s often seen on advertising, and even at some Churches, that the ” Psychic Medium”  xxxxxxx will be speaking at somewhere, and T.V. programmes, Books and Magazines are full of  “Psychic Mediums”, and as for Facebook – well, I’m not even going there.

Can you be Psychic and Medium at the same time, and what do the terms mean?

Many years ago, I was in a particularly good Circle, and we established very strong ties with a Circle in Spirit. It was a time of quality contact, and gave those of us in the Circle a fantastic insight into what Spiritualism actually is. I was blessed to sit in a small circle with Mediums who were truly worthy of the term, and although the Circle rarely meets now, when we do, it’s like we never spent any time apart.

Anyway, some of the basic things I learned were as follows.

Never call yourself a Medium. That is for others to do, once you have proved to them that you have the gift of evidential contact.

Live by Natural Law. There is no other way.

You are given this Earthly life to live on Earth. You get your chance to live a life in Spirit soon enough, so don’t waste the chance to make a difference on this plane.

And possibly the most important thing was that we are all Psychic beings, as are all animals. Humans are higher animals, but animals all the same. To be psychic is natural. And to work psychically is to work with the energy of your own aura.

Things that you can do with your own psychic energy are many and varied. They include:-

Psychometry –  the study of the history of objects by reading the energies that are left within them.

Numerology –  the study of how your own numbers, such as your date of birth, or the numeric translation of your name affects your personality.

Astrology –  the study of your oneness with the Universe.

Reiki Healing, Auric Reading, Wax scrying..the list goes on.

Now, I’m not suggesting that your pets can do Numerology, but they can often predict climatic conditions and can react to things before they happen. Nor am I suggesting that working Psychically is of less value. You just need to be honest about what you’re doing.

None of these skills need direct input from Spirit. You can learn and develop these skills either by practice on you own or within groups of like-minded individuals. You use your own energy for these, which may be topped up from Nature once the task is completed. Often, the deliverer will become tired during delivering these services, as they rely on their own Auric energy.

Mediumistic gifts, or Spirit gifts are another thing altogether. Not everyone has them. You have to be given them by Spirit, and very often you have little say in which gifts you are given. You may be a Communication Medium, a Healing Medium, a Pictorial Medium, ( or Spirit Artist, as they are sometimes called) or the often ingnored and overlooked member of the team, the  Philosophy Medium.

These gifts are given by Spirit, and require Guidance from Spirit to achieve. In all of the above, you make contact with Spirit, and the energies are from Spirit. Often, a Medium will feel refreshed and invigorated after serving Spirit, as the Higher Energies from Spirit have channelled through them, and they pick up some of it as it passes through them.

So, if someone has stated that they are tired when they have been working in what they state has been Mediumistic work, then the chance are that they have actually been reading Auras, and therefore been working Psychically, rather than Spiritually. Pshycic readings are often given away when the reader tells the sitter what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear. A reading without evidence, and containing generalisation, is often Psychic in nature, rather than the result of Spirit contact.

That’s not to say that working Psychically can’t give you a stepping stone to Mediumistic work when you have a poor contact. It can, but if a medium uses this tool too often it’s a bad sign, and it shows a lazy and undisciplined  attitude, as well as being a sign of poor development.

As I always say, I want you to think about this, and make your own mind up. Take what you can, and leave what you can’t. Your relationship with Spirit is unique, and it is for no Human to say that you are wrong.

Have a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Until the next time,

Love and Light.


Hello again,

I admit it, I nicked this from the works of DNA ( Douglas Noel Adams – The author of “The Hitch-Hikers guide to the Galaxy). I have been looking for an excuse to use it for a while. Expect more of the same in the future, along with some ” Pratchettisms”. I have always believed that you can make serious points more valid but the use of humour, as the point seems to stick more.

Let me start by being honest. I’m a secular spiritualist. I believe that spiritualism is not a religion, and should never be presented as such. It limits the “ism” far too much. It imposes Human values to a thing that should be above them. It imposes understandings that individuals should have the freedom to form for themselves.

Let me expand on that for a minute or two.

Let me follow the usual theories on the nature of God. The Supreme Being. Creator of Everything.The focus of our worship.

This is where I have my most fundamental problems. Supreme Being ? If we subscribe to this, we’re in trouble right away. If we make God into a Being, however supreme, then we are also giving God limits. A being has limits. I can see why people insist on this, as most people are not able to imagine God as anything else. Many religions are also keen to perpetuate this, as it’s easier to explain. But, nevertheless, making God into a being puts Human limits to God. And that can’t be right.

Creator of everything. Undoubtedly. God, in whichever way you see your God, should indeed be seen as the Creator of all things. Taking a Scientific approach, it soon becomes apparent that no substance known can explain its own existence. Sure, all things and substances ultimately are rooted in Hydrogen, and will ultimately go back to Hydrogen ( remember the post a while back – Thermodynamics). But where did the Hydrogen come from, and where did the matter in the Big Bang come from? God is indeed all-powerful and creates everything. So why does such a powerful God need to be worshiped. It isn’t logical. God doesn’t need to be worshipped, just acknowledged.  And I do, with all of my heart.

And that brings me on to my next point.

Some people spend their whole lives trying to find God, and never seem to find what they look for. Could this be because they look in the wrong place.

I have always felt that we are all connected with God and by God. God to me is not one being or entity. God is a collective which we all, and I mean ALL, have a part of. It is not possible to look outside of yourself to see God. You need to be looking inside.

If you really want to see God, then look in the mirror.


Until the next time,


Love and Light.





Hello again,


I’ve been away for a while. I’ve been doing what my American friends term ” Getting my shit together”. I’ve had some testing times recently, and didn’t think it was a good thing to be writing until I’d done it.

Anyway, the next Mediumistic  tool I want to look at is Knowledge, and it appears to be the one which is most lacking in those who think themselves to be mediums, rather than who actually are Mediums.

You’ll note the us of both upper and lower case letter M. I use this to distinguish those that have the ability those that clearly don’t.

I don’t judge. if any person wishes to claim to have the gift, then I don’t make judgements. They do that themselves in the fullness of time. And you can argue until the cows come home whether Mediums are born, or can be trained. The thing for me that sets Mediums apart from mediums is knowledge.

In order to work effectively for Spirit, you have to know several things.

How to meditate effectively. If you can’t then it’s a lot more difficult to make contact.

Spiritual History. You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve come from.

How to communicate. with both Spirit beings, and those on Earth. It’s no good having a great link, if your sitter can’t make sense of it.

How to resist temptation. All Mediums have the temptation to make things fit from time to time. Only mediums succumb to it. ( there’s that lower case “m” again 😉 ).

How to enjoy your gift. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, then you won’t want to continue doing it.

Don’t forget the Philosophy. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been to meetings, and the “philosophy” has been little more than what the speaker has done during the week. If you get the chance to see Nuala Haddock, Rob Clayton, Robert Goodwin or James Davies then you’ll see what I mean. “Media Mediums” are notoriously bad at this. I’m not talking about philosophy in any “religious” sense, but the type that comes from  Spirit.

These are, for me, the main ones. You’ll no doubt have others.

Mediumship is not easy. It is sometimes more of a curse than a gift, as it’s not about giving the message the sitter wants, it’s about giving the message that the sitter needs. And it’s not about giving advice or instructions either. Knowledge will tell you that.

I hope I’ve given you something to think about again. As always, your comments are welcome.


Until the next time.


Love and light.





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